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Welcome to home of quality audio video acessories and parts.  
Looking for quality? Long term product consistency? Before and after sales support? - you are in the right place. We are in this business for more than 25 years.  While our products can be found on eBay,  Amazon and other portals, here you are in direct contact with the sopurce - us.

Orders placed on our site here have priority handling over orders placed via other portals, they also have better pricing.
Shipping cost is  shown when you review the shopping basket. We do not offer the so called "free" shipping because there isn't a single carrier in the world that ships anything for no cost at all.  The "free" shipping you see advertised on eBay or Amazon is a only a gimmick.

We ship from our locations in UK and USA (only some products).

Pre-sale questions or product inquiries: use "Contact" from the menu above to email us.

Business hours:  9 am to 6 pm GMT. Closed on week-ends and holidays.
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The difference

The last 25 years were  the most difficult for businesses large and small. Many disappeared. We are still here.

We only sell wall plates which we produce ourselves. Any design or version can be easilymodified to your specific needs.