We were established over 25 years ago initially working on business to business basis only, supplying various speaker parts to loudspeaker manufacturers and parts distributors in Europe, USA and Canada. From 1999 we also sell direct. 

We carry spare and replacement parts so even if you come to us five (or more!) years after your original purchase you still can find spare parts or replacements if this is what you need.
We recycle packaging materials so please do not be offended if the packaging of your order shows signs of previous use.

Here is what we do:

  • Sell only our own products
  • Process orders and dispatch them fast ( 1 - 2 days)
  • Respond to all inquiries withing typical business hours, frequentrly on the same day
  • Work Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm GMT
  • Respect your privacy
  • Recycle packaging materials

...and here is what we do NOT do:

  • Drop ship products  from another businesses half of the world away (we really detest such practice)
  • Send useless messages (ie. your message is important to us...)
  • Share or sell customers information
  • Use direct marketing
  • Waste your time
  • Work on week ends and Holidays