Please read this section before placing order with us and make sure you understand all conditions described below. By placing order on this site you acknowledge your understanding of our policies and your full agreement to comply with them.

Shopping on this site:
Your address: accuracy of your address is your responsibility. Be sure you provide accurate, correct and valid "ship to" address. Once the shipment is gone it is not possible to make any changes to it.  If you provided inaccurate address or if you moved and forgot to change your address which results in us shipping your order to your old address it is your fault and if you want the order re-shipped you pay additional shipping charges.

Shipping method:  standard shipping is first class service which does not provide tracking number. 

Late/delayed or lost shipments: we are not the delivery service and we are not responsible if a shipment is misdirected or mishandled by delivery services.  We will work with you and the carrier to solve the problem. We expect you to cooperate and understand that carriers and postal services sometimes take long time to review claims. Once the investigation is complete we will know what happened and we will offer you choices to resolve the situation.

International shipments: shipments going to another country will be subject of that country's Customs rules and regulations which may result in Customs duties. Duties are your responsibility and must be paid before the carrier (delivery company) delivers the order to you. Typically the carrier notifies you of Customs duty and gives you instructions how to pay them. If you ignore notices and payment demands your shipment will be returned to us and we wil ltreat it as unathorized return (see below).

Returns policy and procedures: If you have encountered technical problem you can ask for return authorization or you can choose to write to us describing nature of the problem; depending on your particular circumstance we may be able to help you solve it but if it turns out not possible we will ask you to return the product to us. We do not ship free replacements based on customer's description of a problem. We reserve right to demand return of faulty part so that we can investigate problem ourselves and determine further course of action. No exceptions.

We accept returns within up to 30 days from invoice date. All returns require prior authorization. While contacting us for return authorization please provide proof of purchase: your invoice number is best but if you do not have it please state your full name and address. We need this information to locate the record of your original purchase. For return authorization please use "contact" form on this site and indicate the reason for your return. We reserve the right to reduce refund amount if returned product is damaged, abused or misused by customer.

Unathorized returns:  shipments refused at destination, shipments returned "uncollected" (this means carrier left a note at your address asking you to collect the shipment or make other arrangements) or shipments returned due to customer refusing to pay duties which return to us are considered unauthorized returns and we deal with them at our discretion entirely. We will not refund shipping cost you paid and we may asess restocking fee which will be deducted from refund amount. No exceptions.

Privacy policy: We do not maintain any kind of database (electronic or other) of past, present and potential customers. We do not share or sell customer information. We do not use any form of direct marketing. We keep emails for as long as we deem necessary for possible follow up on inquiry or order; once we consider subject matter closed we delete emails from our email program.